Always Remember Memories And Not Death

Surprises <3

One whole month without you… I can’t believe it. It’s as if you went to the Philippines this time, only there’s no surprise from you coming home. I remember when we talked about how you felt after I surprised you. You had no idea! I made sure no one knew when I was coming home from the Philippines except for my dad. It was our one year and eleven months, July 6,2011. I had the hardest time keeping my arrival from you. I went everywhere looking for you in Vallejo when I arrived. I thought you would be at Applebee’s for dudes night out so I drove there first. Then home, and then finally to Dale’s house. I remember how shocked Dale and Jay were. They looked at each other like, “WTF? I thought I was seeing a ghost, there’s no way Melissa is back.” Oh but I was. We found out where you were and I hopped into Dale’s car to get to Tim’s. Getting near Tim’s I was sooo excited. You were outside and I thought you saw me walk up but I hid behind the bush… Dale and Jay were like, “Hey BREW!! There’s a dead animal, it’s so gross you have to see it!” So you ran pass the bush and I popped out behind you. I tapped your shoulder, you turned around then your jaw dropped, you looked at me for a good second and then you ran away from me towards the house!! At that time I was like, “….uhhhh.” Haha. You came back and hugged me so tight and gave me a kiss. You took me out that night to Applebee’s and I couldn’t even eat because of the food change. You were so happy that you took a picture of me and I looked so grimey from a almost 20 hour flight. I was so happy that you were so happy. I missed you so much during my trip. You always told me, “No one ever surprised me like that before. That’s the best surprise I’ve ever got.” I’m so glad to have given you the best of me. I’m glad our love was so true and you did everything for me and I did everything for you. I loved helping you with your car even though people always said, “I would never do all that work.” You are my soul mate and I would do anything as long as it was with you. You changed me in so many ways for the better. Babe I miss you. Wherever you are I know you’re reading this. I know you love me. I know that you’ll always be there for me. Death is nothing for us. Love you always <3 I namu baby onry one. Rest in peace. 

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